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February 2016

"Very thankful this lumber yard is here in the Port Townsend area.  Good material, good friendly knowledgeable staff, good prices.  Good service.  What more would you need.  I've been making sawdust for 50 years and this is a great local yard."

K. Mason - Port Townsend


August 2016

"I'm in construction, good prices and good help, wonderful people, great lumberyard."

R. Magallan - Port Orchard


December 2016 

"Dear Mr. Wagner,

A quick note to thank you for putting the type of staff together which has made my job of a novice 2-story garage builder very manageable!  From Bruce and Adam inside, to Austin and all the boys outside, your staff has fielded my novice questions always with a smile.  I saved your MVP, Krista, for last as I would not have been able to be successful without her knowledge and infinite patience as she continues to "coach me up" through the building process.  She is a keeper and to be commended!

Thank you, again, for assembling and supporting the type of staff which makes it easy for me to drive by Lowe's and Home Depot (stopping at Arrow) on my way to our property in Enumclaw. 

Merry Christmas to you & your staff!"



Gene Kolczynski


March 2017

"These guys are great.  I've always used Arrow for my large lumber and beams.  Service is beyond awesome and they are amazingly fast."

J. Coons - Eatonville


May 2017

"Small but good selection.  Nice people."

C. Thomas - Port Orchard


August 2017

"After being mistreated at Parr Lumber we went to see Brandon at Arrow Lumber.  He was amazing.  He cared about our finances, showed us options and was fantastic!  Anything else we need we will be going to Arrow Lumber!  Thanks guys!  Free popcorn and coffee too.  Very inviting and SUPER reasonable!  Looking forward to our new deck!  We saved TONS of money and were well treated.  Good job ARROW LUMBER!"

L. Delmarter - Buckley


December 2017

"The manager is awesome!"

T. Hubbard - Randle


December 2017

"Fast, friendly service and top notch building materials.  Legendary!"

M. Armstrong - Port Townsend


January 2018

"I have been using Arrow Lumber as my local hardware store for years.  The service is great.  If they don't have a product.  I ask if they can get it.  Most of the time the answer is, YES.  They do not carry everything, but they can get just about everything.  Great local hardware store, super service, friendly and personable people."

R. Anderson - Eatonville


January 2018

"Absolutely love this place, very friendly employees, always helpful and informative.  We use Arrow consistently for our real estate office and flipping houses."

B. Easton - Orting


February 2018

"Friendly professional staff.  Open 7 days a week."

R. Grim - Buckley


February 2018

"Better than Scott McClendon's."

C. McCartney - Port Orchard


March 2018

"Very old-school, the people are very friendly.  The prices are competitive.  I'd go there again."

J. Kinsey - Orting


March 2018

"This is fastener heaven!!!!"

Bill M. - Buckley


April 2018

"I just got through with their customer appreciation day.  Excellent free food & displays!!"

D. Batchelor - Randle


April 2018

"Posting for my husband. He bought a ton of pellets today.  We are always leery of late in the year buying but we we were happy with the ton of Olympus.  Store folks had a smile and joke.  The yard guy had a Ford too.  Had a few minutes to chat.  Bottom line is tax is less than anything west of here.  Buy local.  Thanks."

H. O'Neil - Buckley


May 2018

"Awesome people and always helpful."

S. Gardner - Eatonville


May 2018

"Superior customer service at competitive prices.  Highly recommended."

Benson Filmworks - Port Orchard


May 2018

"The best lumber yard in town super friendly!!!!!!!!!"

A. Peye - Port Orchard


May 2018

"Was pricing out lumber to replace fence railings and couldn't find pricing online. Went into the store to ask pricing and was helped right away with a lower price than everyone else. Even got a reduced cost for the quantity in which I purchased. I am very satisfied with the quick, friendly, helpful service with a great price."

G. Yeoman - Orting


May 2018

"Love the customer service experience especially Billy Gene. Great place to shop."

S. Everett - Orting


May 2018

"Great employees, friendly helpful, fair prices."

B. Dubb - Buckley


May 2018

"Arrow Lumber is a very honest, customer-centered company.  My interaction was with their online ordering. They resolved issue with a faulty item promptly, and helped me with returning an incorrect item that I ordered.  In both cases they were efficient, super-honest, and polite.  They have fair prices.  Very quick communication and problem solving.  A professional operation.  I only wish I lived nearer to Washington so I could use them to maintain my home all the time.  (Some of the rude, unethical, California retailers could learn a thing or two from Arrow Lumber.) Top notch.  Highly recommend."

M. Finn - California (online order)


June 2018

"These people are Awesome"

J. Walker - Port Orchard


June 2018

Arrow Lumber Co.

Eatonville, WA 98328


"Dear Betty & staff,

I want to thank you and the other man who showed such amazing act of kindness and generosity in helping our family!  I have not seen such an act of pure love, kindness and caring since I was a small child.  Actually, there are many people in this beautiful town who are kind, loving and full of character that is lacking in our society today.  I consider it a privilege to live here.

I just wanted you to know that I truly cried when I was telling my husband what you people did for us.  It may not seem like much to others but it was so much more than I expected.  I pray that God will bless your company now and the following years to come for you generosity without expecting anything in return.  You, as a staff, went beyond the 'normal' of today's society.  Again, thank you for the stand that you gave to us and the delivery of such."


Sincerely and with much thanksgiving,

John, Faith & Blake B. - Eatonville

 "P.S. being elderly with Alzheimer's and a disabled son we really needed the help."


July 2018

"Very good service."

R. Chaney - Port Orchard


 July 2018

"Amazing customer service. The best part is they are veterans and anyone or company that's supports our veterans is amazing."

W. Gordon - Buckley


September 2018

"Always helpful staff, always have what I need.."

Kevin M. - Eatonville


September 2018

"Lots of choices in wood, associated paraphernalia, and great service-a triple threat!"

R. Coletta - Port Townsend


September 2018

"Always a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere."

Janine G. - Randle


September 2018

"Happy with the service I received. Will continue to go back."

S. Lewis - Buckley


September 2018

"Always helpful staff, convenient location for us, decent selection so we don't have to run up the hills to other stores. Shopping supporting local!"

S. Younker - Orting



October 2018

"Arrow is the best. Decent prices, excellent service. I always go there first."

N. Nelson - Port Townsend


October 2018

"Good selection and friendly staff."

J. Myers - Randle


October 2018

"Have been getting our pellets here for years. Good people lots of help."

L. Burch - Randle


October 2018

"The best people with a great selection of products and best costumer service."

J. Berg - Ocean Shores



November 2018

"Friendly and knowledgeable."

R. W. - Port Townsend


November 2018

"Great little place. I go here almost every Saturday to get supplies for the week. No lines and crowds to deal with. Very competitive prices. Open 7 days a week."

R. Da Vinci - Port Orchard


November 2018

"I have only been in Arrow a couple times but both times the customer service was great and I was pleased by the selection."

M. Rhyme - Port Orchard


November 2018

"Best place in the world."

J. McMillen - Buckley


November 2018


T. Krout - Randle


November 2018

"Very helpful."

K. Huestis - Randle


November 2018

"A hometown hardware with friendly staff that know my name! And real expertise shared freely with the locals. This hardware nearly always has what I need without having to walk for miles."

L. Meitzler - Orting



November 2018

"These are nice people very easy to work with."

D. Cramblit - Orting



November 2018

"Good prices and quality lumber along with prompt and courteous sales and delivery service. One damaged board was taken back and replaced by the delivery driver quickly without any delays to the construction schedule. I plan to use them for all my future construction needs and recommend them to others."

D. Marchegiani - Ocean Shores



December 2018

"Great customer service all around."

R. Camacho - Buckley


December 2018

"Always knowledgeable and helpful."

D. Smith - Buckley


December 2018

"My go to spot for construction and remodel needs! The people here are always friendly and helpful. Home of Legendary Customer Service is not just a saying, its a reality!"

M. Paasch - Buckley


January 2019

"I work for a company that delivers to Arrow Lumbers. All of them are good hometown type lumber yards. The 1 in Orting is also my local one to where I live. They may not be as well-equipped as home Depot but you will certainly get much better service."

D. Delavega - Orting


July 2019

"I am continuously impressed by their large selection. They don't carry all those cheap, high profit junk items. No wandering the store to find anything, because every person knows where everything is, and how to install it. If you wonder what your grandpa meant about what a good Hardware Store used to look like, well, this is it.

The kids in the back lot assembling wheelbarrows aren't too impressive, but by the end of summer, they will be better equipped for life. I would have loved to work there as a teenager. They do need to hire some girls, to keep those boys on their toes...."

W. Butler - Online



September 2019

"Excellent customer service! Good lumber & pricing. What really impressed me was their friendly attitude and willingness to serve. I was running late one day on my way to pick up some deck joists that I needed to continue my deck job the following day. I called about 30 min before closing and told them what I needed and that I would be there about 10 min before closing. The guy on the phone spoke to the store owner I believe...possibly the manager, (sorry I can't remember his name) and said that he would stay to take care of me! He not only took my order, leaving us about 5 min until closing but ran out to the yard and helped me pick and load the lumber! I cannot say enough good things about him and his store/employees. I even offered to buy his lunch but he kindly would not accept my cash. He made a customer for life! Thank you!"

M. Wikander - Ocean Shores


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