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Superior Wood Treating Products

Arrow Lumber & Hardware proudly stocks Superior Wood Treating
at all 6 of our locations.

We carry lumber that has been treated with ACQ, an Alkaline Copper Quat, that is copper based for long term protection from rot, decay, and insect attack, without the presence of hazardous chemicals. This is an environmentally friendly treatment.

ACQ Treated Lumber can be used in above ground, below ground and fresh water immersion applications. This allows the product to be used in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Three levels of ACQ Treatment are produced:

  • 0.25 for above ground use

  • 0.40 for ground contact, fresh water applications

  • 0.60 for permanent wood foundations, as well as poles for barn applications.

Arrow Lumber & Hardware stocks

  • 2x2 Ultra Deck

  • 2x4 Ultra Deck

  • 2x6 Ultra Deck

  • 2x4 Mudsill in .025 ACQ Treatment

  • 2x6 Mudsill in .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 2x4 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 2x6 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 2x8 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 2x10 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 2x12 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 4x6 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 4x8 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 4x10 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 4x12 .040 ACQ Treatment

  • 6x6 .060 ACQ Treatment

  • 6x8 .060 ACQ Treatment (special order)

  • 6x10 .060 ACQ Treatment (special order)

  • 6x12 .060 ACQ Treatment (special order)

It should be noted that Hot Dipped Galvanized Fasteners and Hardware must be used when using this product.

ACQ Treated Lumber may be stained using a solid body stain or painted. The use of high quality oil or latex based paint or stain is recommended.

Ultra Deck Treated Lumber, 0.25 is selected for appearance and is non-incised, it is for above ground usage.

Multi Use Treated Lumber, 0.40, is an incised product that is approved for ground contact and freshwater applications.

Multi Use Treated Lumber, 0.60, is an incised product that is approved for fresh water immersion and ground contact.

Mudsill is a 0.25 Treated Lumber approved for above ground use. It is an incised product, most commonly used as sill plate on foundations.

Superior Wood Treating Products



























4 Ft 8 Ft 10 Ft 12 Ft 14 Ft 16 Ft 20 Ft
2x2 X X N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2x4 N/A X X X X X S/O
2x6 N/A X X X X X X
2x8 N/A S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O
2x10 N/A S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O
2x12 N/A S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O
4x4 N/A S/O S/O S/O N/A N/A N/A











8 Ft 10 Ft 12 Ft 14 Ft 16 Ft 20 Ft


2X4 S/O S/O S/O X X S/O


2X6 X X X X X S/O












8 Ft 10 Ft 12 Ft 14 Ft 16 Ft 20 Ft


2x4 X X X S/O S/O S/O


2x6 X X X X X X


2x8 X X X X X X


2x10 X X X X X X


2x12 X X X X X X


3X6 S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O


3X8 S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O


3X12 S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O S/O


4X4 X X X S/O X S/O


4X6 X X X S/O X X


4X8 X X X S/O X X


4X10 X X X S/O X X


4X12 X X X S/O X X


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